Time to Go Live

Well, here we go… I’m finally getting a blog going.

On this blog, I’ll mainly be discussing my writing and my life. For the most part, these two are entwined anyway. Or, at least they intersect in a couple places. But soon, I hope to have them completely entwined together. As I continue to churn out the writing, I am devoted and completely committed to becoming a full-time writer.

So far, I have two short stories (Our Reunion and Our Christmas Spirit), a novella (About the Fall), and a novel (Before We Loved), which I published on Kindle in two parts. In the next couple of weeks, the complete novel will be available in paperback and on Kindle.

The majority of the topics on this blog will deal with my works of fiction and my process, which will include where my ideas come from, writing tips, and just about anything else I can think up. Of course, I hope to include a regular question and answer segment too. At the moment, I think I have about five fans (and four of them are family) but I hope to change all that soon.

I just went live with Before We Loved a few days ago. This week it will be free for five days, and I’ll be running a couple promos to help get out the word. I also am in the process of building a basic website: Chai Rose Site.

I’ve been writing for almost thirty years now. But most of what I’ve written was always just thrown into my closet, or (sadly) has been lost over the years. I’m finally truly giving it a go with being a writer.

It’s always been my biggest fear that I’ll be lying on my death bed and wonder: What if I really tried to be a writer? Maybe I could’ve made it.

My biggest fear is not knowing the answer to that question.

Failing is not the worst that can happen to me. Not knowing what could have been, because I didn’t even try, is by far worse. And now, I am slowly removing that fear. I am going to find out if I can be a successful author.

And this blog is another wrung on that ladder.

So, I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m so glad you decided to come along for the ride. Buckle-up, because here we go…


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